What I Do

Lisa Kozokowsky, BCMM - Information Design

“Know thy users” – Joshua Brewer

My personal passion is creating life-sized art encaustics; adding in multi-media, and setting it on fire! Yes, people pay me well for this! But I also delight in sharing my creative left/right brain with the world by designing elegant and user-happy experiences. My art tools are now the pen and mouse.

As a recent graduate from the Faculty of Communications in information design at Mount Royal University, I’m working toward applying those collaborative marathons of design research experience to make the world a better and more inclusive place — at least a more user-friendly one.

My interdisciplinary background includes knowledge of cognitive psychology, human factors design, and great interpersonal/intercultural and corporate communication skills.

Aside from taking in-depth courses in information architecture, usability, instructional design, data visualizations and technical writing, I also freelance and have worked with grass-roots organizations and corporations, researching data and critically designing public and government awareness data visualizations.

A recent project with Calgary’s Kerby Centre included detailed ethnographic research and systems thinking ideation in order to co-design an instructional prototype and video to educate older adults on the dangers of contracting sexually-transmitted infections.

My passion is making the invisible, visible. One of my recent academic projects was for Choosing Wisely Canada and as one of a few capstone projects, I was responsible for researching and designing the Canadian Healthcare Sustainability index; a data visualization that captured the waste of unnecessary medical diagnostic testing in Canada, and the projected future consequences.


"In the beginner's mind, there are many possibilities. In the expert's, there are few." - Shunryu Suzuki
Left/Right Brain Ninja90%
Data Visualization / Branding / Social Media90%
Software (Can easily learn what I don't know) - See Learnability!85%
Cognitive Psychology (Human Factors, Usability)90%