Art Portfolio

Abstractive Landscapes

Encaustic/Oils/Cold Wax

Encaustic is a Greek word for “burning in”. My technique uses a combination of beeswax, oils and minerals/pigments, melted in a base of liquid beeswax. It is then quickly brushed on and then melted again with the use of an Iwatani torch.  This technique is repeated many times and within many layers before being polished to a lustrous shine.

Abstractive Landscapes are inspired by combining my love of mapping with the natural geographical features of Western Canadian topography.

Aspen Love

Encaustic/Oils/Mixed Media

If aspens were human, I think they would be women. From their social grouped structures, to their changing looks, aspens have a charming, vivacious and nurturing attitude. My love of these trees leads me to photograph them at any cost. I’ve been known to stop my car and run across busy roads to catch a particularly stunning copse in the right light.

The Aspen Love series shows a definitive direction towards pushing the boundaries between what’s real and what I actually see. Impossible splashes of colour, hard hand-carving and shellac torch burns are evident throughout. 

If you’d like one of these bold beauties in your home, feel free to e-mail me at [email protected].

Luminous Series

Oils/Mixed Media

The inspiration for my “wild woman” style is drawn from the rich colours and gold light of the Canadian contemporary landscape, as well as Western Canada’s vast & rich natural resources. 

The Luminous Series celebrates the big, open “Alberta blue” skies, and richly layered landscapes. The lands are thickly applied, with gold or silver leaf and liberal sprinklings of crushed pyrite, fossils, and other powdered minerals, while the skies are washed layer upon layer of pure colour in a style very similar to what Turner used. to achieve his luminous depth.

All paintings in this series are sold, however, commission inquiries are welcome.